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Reliable Valuation

Fenix Metals has from its establishment focused on accurate sampling, assaying and reporting of raw materials, in order to provide accurate values for suppliers.

Being a world-class tin recycler we appreciate the importance of reliable and timely service for our raw material suppliers and it is our commitment to deliver the best service in the industry.

Through our commitment to service and accurate value determination we aim to gain the trust of our suppliers and build long lasting relationships. We are honoured to have many suppliers who have been with us for many years and pleased that we keep earning new relationships.

Our main focus is tin and we buy almost all types of metal, skimmings, drosses, sludges and other residues containing tin, the only exception being organic materials. With the tin we do of course receive many other metals and we also value silver, gold, copper and lead, which are all recovered to refined alloys for renewed industrial use.

Serious Sampling

Our sampling department handles over 2500 individual batches of raw materials per year and is equipped to make representative samples ready for analysis. During sampling a so called bulk sample is taken from each lot and stored in a separate container until the final settlement has been agreed. This is done so that in case of differences it is available for resampling.

The sampling process can be witnessed by the supplier or a representative at our plant or we can conduct the sampling in trust.

In either case duplicate final sealed samples are available for every supplier for independent assaying. Our target is to have final results within 25 days of delivery.

We are proud that our suppliers chose to let us sample 99 % of the raw materials we receive in trust.

We have a range of equipment for sample preparation such as:

  • Disk Mill PULVERISETTE 13, Fritsch
  • Oscillating Mill MM400, Retsch
  • Sample divider PT100, Retsch
  • Shaker-Mixer TURBULA T10B
  • Vibratory disc mills

Accurate Assaying

Assaying is done in our fully equipped laboratory which is certified to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and includes a full list of state-of- the art equipment:

  • Emission spectrometer ICP-OES OPTIMA 8000 DV; PerkinElmer
  • Spark emission spectrometer SPECTROLAB M10; Spectro
  • Spark emission spectrometer SPECTROMaxx; Spectro (2 pcs.)
  • AAS Spectrometer AAnalyst 200; PerkinElmer
  • System for automatic titration TITROLINE; Schott

And a wide range of equipment for wet chemistry determination.

Assays are exchanged with suppliers in the traditional way to secure the proper agreement and clear rules in the contract secure proper resolution in case of divergence. We are proud to report that less than one percent of our sampling lots go to umpire determination after assay exchange.

Flexible Fixation

We provide clear terms and are flexible about the pricing period and once all is agreed we work out the final settlement valuation, which is promptly provided to our suppliers.

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