Quality tin for your production

Pure tin


ELEMENTSymbolFenix Sn 99,9Typical AnalysisFenix Sn 99,9 LLTypical Analysis
TinSn99.92 min99.9599.92 min99.95
AntimonySb0.030 max0.0200.030 max0.020
CopperCu0.005 max0.002 0.005 max0.002
BismuthBi0.010 max0.0020.010 max0.002
IronFe0.005 max0.0030.005 max0.003
SilverAg0.040 max0.030.040 max0.03
ZincZn0.001 max0.00050.001 max0.0005
AluminiumAl0.001 max0.00010.001 max0.0001
ArsenicAs0.001 max0.00050.001 max0.0005
CadmiumCd 0.001 max0.00020.001 max0.0002
LeadPb0.020 max0.010.010 max0.005
Total of all impurities0.08 max0.050.08 max0.05

Total of all impurities means all elements other than tin, whether or not they are listed above.